How do you cut corners with costs and not style?


In the climate we live in budgets for weddings are being cut all the time, not for everyone but for many. How do you work to a tight budget whilst still having thewedding of your dreams?
Here are a couple of things that might help when you come to planning your big day. I have many more money saving tips, without compromising on style. If you want to learn more think about a no obligation consultation with a qualified wedding planner in Essex or Hertfordshire to help you.
1. Numbers
Why not think about keeping numbers for the daytime lower. It would be lovely to have 150 people but you could be paying around £50 per head for them. Sit down together and each draw up a list of guests, then compare. If there are names you agree on then put them on the final list. Always remember on your weding day you want to look around the room and be surrounded by the most important people in your life. Not your third cousin twice removed who you last saw three years ago
2. what time you eat
If you plan your day so that you sit down to eat the wedding breakfast at about 6pm as opposed to late afternoon,you can avoid having to pay for an evening buffet because the wedding breakfast becomes dinner. This works for so many reasons, not just cost. It means the meal and speeches end at about 8.30pm and then dancing starts at about 9pm. Believe it or not this is the perfect time to start the party. Guests have had a few drinks, its dark outside and all of this makes for a better party atmosphere. If you want to invite some more friends in the evening you can, all you need to do is put on their invitations, please join us for a drink to celebrate our marriage. This makes it clear there won’t be addittional food. If you do want to offer more food then do a cheese board for everyone.
Happy planning