How do you cut corners with costs and not style?


Following on from our last post about saving money on your wedding without compromising on the style of your day
3. Cake for dessert
Over the years I have been working as a wedding planner in Essex and London I have always noticed that few guests finish their dessert or the guests don’t eat all the cake at the evening buffet. Save yourself some money and choose a more dessert like cake and serve it after the main course. You still get to maike a big fuss of the cutting of the cake but then that is served to your guests as dessert after the wedding breakfast. What’s left can go our with the evening buffet.
4. Buffet, BBQ or hog roast ? not a sit down meal.

If you are getting married in the Summer for example why not have an informal hog roast for the main course or a buffet, which can still be hot, instead of a plated meal. A sit down plated meal will   always be the most expensive option. A hog roast in the Summer can give a real relaxed feel to a wedding and save you an awful lot of money. This still works well for weddings out of season as there is something warm and comforting about a hog roast.

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