Marry Now, Party Later

Marry now, party later. Not as crazy as it might sound in the current climate we find ourselves in. Hopefully weddings will return soon and at some point we will see the weddings we recognise with lots of kissing, hugging, drinking and dancing. Until that can happen what can you do as a couple planning your UK wedding.

We may see restrictions for a little while yet on the number of guests you can have at your wedding. Rather than trying to second guess what is going to happen and get stressed about the whole planning process. Why not make the decision to plan a small, intimate wedding or an elopement. The plan to have an amazing party the following year to celebrate with all of your family and friends. If nothing else, you get to wear the dress twice!

When you are planning your London wedding you need to decide what is the most important thing to you both,  if it is just getting married then this may be the way forward for you both, marry now, party later. As discussed in our previous blog, this is the chance for you to spend your budget wisely. You may have more to spend on the food and great wine. You can really think about the details and how amazing your tables could look. Don’t forget flowers, the styling on an intimate wedding could be amazing.

Move on one year and you get the chance to get everyone together for a real party, when we know that we can once more let our hair down and drink and be merry. The format of this part of the celebrations can be anything you want. It might be a black tie event. You might decide to do something different, a party on a boat maybe or hiring somewhere for a weekend.

The options are literally endless and if you would like some help planning your wedding, whatever size, then do get in touch.


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Images: Guy Collier, Alex James and Lee Garland