My new website

Hello everyone, I’m very excited to tell you about my rebranded website. I felt that to really take the business forward I wanted to trade under my own name, afterall I am the one who does the planning and works closely with my couples and clients to plan their wedding or party in Essex.
I have worked in the wedding industry for almost 10 years and I have built up lots of fabulous contacts and suppliers covering all budgets. I also wanted to get over the myth that a wedding planner is:

1. Expensive
2. not for everyone
3. a luxury

I don’t really like to offer packages as I don’t think you are a package. Each bride I work with is an individual and each one has diferent requirements. After our initial, no obligation consultation I am then able to get to know you and you know me and together decide if we want to work together, because that’s what its all about, working together to plan the wedding of your dreams.

By working this way I believe that a wedding planner becomes accesible to more brides as the cost is based on the help you need. You may only need a little help with certain elements of your day or you may want someone to get you going with you planning or help you find certain suppliers. Its all about you and what you need.

Every bride needs a bit of help planning her day and sometimes by having a ‘neutral’ on your side it can help. My opinions will always be objective and not swayed by any emotions, which when you ask family members or friends they can be.

Have a look at the new site and do get in touch for a consultation, its FREE and you are under no obligation. What have you got to loose.

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