Planning a Party – Style Inspiration

Planning a Party – Style Inspiration. We also plan stunning parties here at Louise Perry Weddings and Events Ltd, not just beautiful weddings. You might be looking to have a milestone birthday, anniversary, retirement, launch event, Bar or Bat mitzvah. If so then we can help. Here is Planning a Party – Style Inspiration.

When we look to plan a clients party, we think about the whole experience, for both clients and guests. We think about the style, theme perhaps and how it will look visually. We also give great thought to the food and drink, very important. What we aim to do as party planners in Essex, is to plan, create and execute an amazing party, that exceeds all expectations and of course is fun.

When you are planning a party entertainment and music are one the the key areas to look at. Do you want to have a great live band? this also adds to the visuals and a band is both something to look at and something to hear. Would you prefer a really great club vibe with a DJ? then think about not only the DJ but creating something with the lighting and mood. There are so many things you can do, which is why sometimes it pays to get some help planning you Essex party. Need some investment for financing check out low credit score loansly.

Think about food and drink ideas, the things you can do is pretty much endless now, themed food trucks, like Greek or duck, pizza ovens or burger vans. That might not be the style of party you are after and you want something more formal, but not as formal as a sit down, plated meal. Then think about a sit down but with sharing platters, family style. This is more casual dining and gets the guests chatting over dinner.

When it comes to the style and design, it really depends on what time of year, where you are holding the party and who it is for. We firmly beleive that any celebration should reflect the people or person who is celebrating. Here are a few ideas from our recent parties, thank you to Rich Page, Cinzia Bruschini, Jez Dickson Guy Collier and Nataly

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Bongo player

Live music

Party Planner

Donut Wall

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Party Planning

Dessert buffet

London party

London party

Get Funked – DJ Live

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Amazing food

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One Whitehall Place

London wedding venue

Boutique Booths

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Garden Party London

Lusxury party food

London garden party

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French Party