Planning an Intimate Wedding

Planning an intimate wedding maybe the type of wedding you want once our lives start to return to normal after the corona virus. I have no doubt that we will still have big, lavish weddings once again, but I also think we will see more and more people opting to have something more intimate, perhaps even an elopement.

They may reassess how they want to spend their money and look in more detail at what is really important to them. You can still have professional help with your wedding planning, even if you only plan to invite a few people.

Here at Louise Perry weddings, we have planned quite a few intimate weddings for thirty guests or less. We have planned them for our UK based couples but also for our international clients that want to come to the UK and do something really small.

When your looking plan something small and intimate, firstly still think about what kind of wedding you want. Are you travelling to the UK with friends and family that haven’t been here before. If that is the case then try and incorporate something very English into the wedding. You may also have to consider that if you are opting for something smaller that you might want to have a weekend wedding. This is a really popular option for UK based couples. They choose to hire somewhere that can accommodate their wedding party and also their reception and potentially their ceremony if the location is licensed.

Planning an intimate wedding can be a little easier than planning a bigger wedding, but their are still suppliers you will need to hire for your big day. Its likely that you will still want to have photographs, flowers, music, entertainment and hair and make up.

Suffolk wedding

Pettistree House

London wedding

A London wedding

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An Intimate Suffolk wedding

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Intimate wedding

London wedding

London Elopement

London wedding planner

Intimate London Wedding

London wedding planner

Intimate London wedding