Postponing My Wedding

Postponing my wedding, what do you need to do and how do you do it? If you have seen all your plans go up in the air over the last week, then firstly, I am so sorry that you are in this position. As a wedding planner in London we have had to work hard over the last week to guide our lovely couples into making the right decision for them, their families and friends.

Postponing my wedding, Firstly, be realistic, if your wedding is soon, then you are going to need to move the date, but please postpone, don’t cancel.


Start by making a list of all of your suppliers and reading through all of your contracts, every word and make sure you are clear on your supplier’s terms.

If you have insurance, again read through carefully and see what is covered.

Your Venue

Contact your venue and see what their policy is, some are being very helpful and happily moving dates for their couples with no charges. Some are not being quite so helpful and trying to get couples to pay cancellation charges. Don’t rush to pay anything.

At the moment, legally only five people can attend a marriage so you have good footing to discuss this with the venue, after all you don’t want to cancel, you only want to postpone.

Your Suppliers

Then contact all of your suppliers and see what they can do for you. All of our wonderful suppliers have been changing dates with no implications to our couples.

If you are going to postpone, be realistic with the new date, you need to check dates with your suppliers as you don’t want to have to cancel any of them. Perhaps consider a mid-week date or an off peak date this will give you more options.

The main thing is not to panic and just work through it all systematically and ask for advice. Most wedding planners I know will happily advise you as to the best thing to do. Remember, you will get to celebrate the best day of your life, it may be a little later than you planned, but as someone said to me, ‘you can’t cancel love’

Stay safe.

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