Save the Date

I am currently searching for save the date cards for a client’s wedding in Buckinghamshire next year. It made me ask the question do you need save the date cards? can’t you just email and save on paper?
NO, NO, NO. Your save the date card will be the first thing your guests see in relation to your big day. When you are planning your London wedding, you need to picture the overall look and feel to the wedding and its starts with that save the date card. The only acception to this would be if it was really last minute.
The amount of brides in Essex that literally just buy and book things at random isn’t true. You have to see the end result and then work towards that and don’t get distracted by every little thing you see at you local wedding show. This will also save you money as you only book and buy the things that will give you that lovely picture you have in your mind about your wedding day. Never loose that picture and its starts with the save the date. What do you think of these







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