TWIA Wedding Planner of the Year. Worlds 100 Best wedding Planners

TWIA Wedding Planner of the Year. Worlds 100 Best wedding Planners. Awards are lovely to receive, but lets be honest they don’t mean anything, they don’t validate what we do as wedding planners and we certainly don’t plan weddings to win awards, but I’ll be honest they are nice to get. We recently got named TWIA Award Winning Wedding Planner 2018, Worlds Best 100 Weddings Planners 2018. Know more about bad boyz bail bonds

We have recently been awarded a couple of awards, TWIA best wedding planner for the East of England, we also won this back on 2016. What does it mean?? this was voted for by our couples. Our previous couples had to give honest feedback about the service we offer and wedding planning is very much a service industry. Here are some of the feedback we received from our clients.

“Louise and Natalie are two of the most amazing people I’ve met! My photographer recommended them as my wedding was in a marquee I needed someone to run the day to me!! These amazing women are worth their weight in gold”!!

“They were an absolute godsend, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Highly professional, always calm, and completely understanding and accepting of our perhaps more unconventional plans, they were also a really nice presence on the day. We are hugely grateful!”

“Second only to deciding to get married, teaming up with Louise was the best decision we made. Louise & her team’s friendly efficiency, professionalism and yes-we-can approach meant we felt confident, calm & reassured that all would go perfectly to plan”.

“Louise was practical and down to earth. She had a good understanding of what we wanted and didn’t try to make our wedding something we weren’t comfortable with”.

I have to say we received loads of amazing comments, for which I am truely grateful. getting the feedback allows you to get better at what you do and imporve what you give to your clients.

Been named as one of the best wedding planners in the world, was something of a surprise and we are in some amazing company. The reason this is such as honour, apart from the company I am keeping is because, Nicholas Purcell, the world renowned photographer said

I spent a lot of time looking at their work and a thousand other portfolios I’ve come across. I prefer to have personally worked with the planner before including them but sometimes it wasn’t possible and when people’s names keep coming up again and again they can’t be ignored”

It is lovely when your work is recognised.

Here are some images of the things we do on a wedding day. Thank you to James Davidson, Damain Bailey, Paul Rogers and Guy Collier

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