Wedding Cake

Not all of my clients have wedding cake believe it or not. Couples are now opting to spend that money somewhere else. If you do still decide to have one, what style should you go for?

In London there are some amazing luxury cake makers and we love to work with them and design something that suits the couples wedding and of course that tastes delicious.

You can have traditional fondant iced cakes, naked cakes, nearly naked cakes, butter iced cakes. That’s just the outside, what about the actual cake itself. Long gone are the days when couples had a traditional fruit cake and the top layer was kept for the thier first childs christening, some still do. but not many.

The last cake one of my brides had was made of three mouth watering flavours, salted caramel, blueberry and maple and oreo cookie, YUM! you really can now create an amazing cake for you wedding in London.

Think about the style and fee of your wedding and also colours and the location and then the cake you choose should reflect your day.

Thanks to the cake makers: Abigail Bloom, The Little Pop Bake Shop, Sylvias Kitchen Tartufi Cakes and Madeleines Cakes for the mouth watering cakes and to the photographers that took the pictures of them: Guy Collier, Robin Ball Paul Rogers and Mister Phill 

Cake for wedding

Iced wedding cake

Wedding cake London

Naked wedding cake

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Wedding cake with flowers

wedding cake

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Naked cake

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Wedding cake

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Wedding cake

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Buttercream wedding cake