What is your first dance for your London wedding?


The tradition of the first dance goes back many years. The first dance signifies that the ball is officially open, or that it what it used to signify. This is the couples first dance as husband and wife and as a wedding planner in London,  I love it when the couple comes up with something different, something that I haven’t heard before.

You may choose a song that has always been your song, or it might be something that was playing when you met or it might just be a song you really like.

The most popular song is still “Amazed” by Lonestar and it has been for a couple of years. A classic with beautiful words but I’ve also heard this year, songs by The Stereophonics, Ottis Reading, Labrinth, Bryan Adams and Luther Vandross. Here is a little snippet of London wedding band, One Foot in the Groove playing some of the first dances they have played over the last 12 months