WPE 12

Later this week I will be attending the UKAWP wedding planning excellence seminar. Over two days trading wedding planners get together to brush up on the many skills required to make an excellent wedding planner.
The UKAWP was founded with one purpose to promote professionalism in wedding planning. Lets face it there are no qualifications to becoming a wedding planner and anyone can do it if they want. As the industry is not regulated when you are looking to hire a wedding planner to help you be careful where you look.
The best way is by recommendation, the next best way is to look to see if they were trained or are members of the UKAWP. These are professional planners who are abide by a strict code of practice:


I agree to:

Respond to enquiries within 48 hours
Respect client confidentiality
Disclose any suppliers I have a vested interest in
Pass discounts and/or commission onto clients
Ensure my Public Liability insurance is up to date
Never give client details to any third party not involved with the wedding
Respect copyright from fellow wedding professionals
Represent each client fairly and honestly
Use legally sound business contracts with clients

You can rest assured, that by hiring a wedding planner is Essex or anywhere else for that matter if they have the UKAWP logo then you are hiring a professional who takes their work and your wedding seriously.
I am very much looking forward to catching up with my fellow planners and learning a few new things