Getting married in 2017 – where to start with your wedding planning

Congratulations if you have just got engaged. Now the fun starts, planning your wedding, but where to start with your wedding planning?

Set a budget

You must, without this it could all run away with you. You also need to be comfortable with the money you are going to spend. Ask parents and family if they are contributing and then work out what you can spend.

Planning timeline

We provide all our clients with a planning timeline, so they can see what we hope to achieve together each month. This is easy to do and can keep you on track

The venue

It all starts here, make a list of list of all the things you need from your venue. Do you want dry hire, ie somewhere you can have your own catering. Do you want to have a trendy city wedding, would you like a manor house in the country. Do you want a marquee or tipi. Would a barn be your ideal wedding venue. It goes on, but you must get together some ideas of what you like and don’t like, otherwise you could just be looking at lots of venues that just aren’t suitable. You also need to think about your numbers and that brings me onto the guest list

Guest List

Write down all the people you would like to invite and then get your partner to do the same. Then compare. The ones you both have are in and then you need to work together for the rest of the invitees.

If you would like to some professional help, then get in touch with a wedding planner and see how they can help you. They could end up saving you money and they will certainly save you lots of time.

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