Hiring a wedding planner

Wedding planners are not for the rich and famous, let me dispel that myth right away. The majority of my clients work full time or have families to look after and just want some professional help. Afterall, you’d hire a mechanic if your car broke down

What are the benefits then of hiring a wedding planner ?

Saving you time: It can take 250 hours to plan a wedding and the more I do this for a living, the more I am amazed that so many brides still choose to plan their own Hertfordshire wedding. Surely a better idea is to get someone else to do all the leg work and you just make the decisions, that’s the best bit

Saving you Money: All great wedding planners in London have a little black book or big black book of amazing suppliers that they would highly recommend, after all we have done our research as we would only recommend the very best professional people for your wedding and by using some of our recommendations we can negotiate the best prices for you. The savings could end up paying some of the planners fee!

An unbiased opinion: Now this is really important, because when you start to plan your wedding in Hertfordshire everyone you know will have an opinion of what you should do, what colours, what flowers, the guest list, where you should have it etc. Sometimes it’s just nice to get an objective and professional opinion, someone who has no emotional connection to you. Believe me weddings are a seriously emotional thing, especially where family and friends are involved.

Professional Help: Someone who knows what they are doing, but not someone that takes over. A professional wedding planner in Hertfordshire will have planned a wedding before, chances are you won’t have, surely having some guidance whilst you plan the most important day of your life is a good idea ?

If you want some assistance in planning your wedding in Hertfordshire, then do get in touch. We offer a no obligation consultation where we sit down grab a cuppa and chat about your day, your vision for your wedding. Here at Louise Perry weddings, we just make that vision happen.

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