How do I choose my Wedding Planner?

How do I choose my wedding planner? Now that is a really good question and where do you start? Choosing a wedding planner, is like hiring a friend, a confident, a counsellor all in one. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that they need to be able plan your wedding.

Hire a wedding planner you connect with

It is a very important relationship and you should always hire someone you connect with, someone you think you will like and someone you want to work with as you might be working together for a while.

Where to find a wedding planner

So how do you find your wedding planner? You can start by looking online for a planner in either the area you live or the area you want to get married in. Just be aware that when you Google London wedding planner for example, some wedding planners pay  a lot for their SEO to get them as high up in the rankings as possible.

Social media is a good place to look, especially Instagram. This is likely to be updated on a regular basis and should give you a good idea as to the work the planner does. Is he/she big on the aesthetics, do they share a lot of images of the couples. Just something to think about when you are scrolling through Instagram. Make sure that the work you see actually belongs to the planner. There are some they use other peoples images and pass them off as their own. Drop them a DM and find out if this is all their own body of work.

Ask for recommendations

Recommendation for someone else is the best way. Speak to family and friends and friends of friends, see if they have used a wedding planner before and how were they. We get about 40% of our work from recommendations and this is the best way.

Once you have looked carefully a a handful of wedding planners, make contact with the ones you like the look of and arrange to speak with them. The majority of  wedding planners will offer a no obligation consultation where they will chat to you about your day. This is your chance to see what they are like as people and this is really important. You have already decided you like the work they do and this is the chance for both you and the wedding planner to see if you would like to work together.

For us here at Louise Perry Weddings, wedding planners based in London, this is as important as you liking the work we do.

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