I’m Engaged – What now?

Firstly congratulations if you got engaged over the festive season. Now the wedding planning begins,  I’m Engaged – What now? firstly just catch your breath and enjoy being engaged and love that ring of yours. Once you have let it all soak in, then its time to start the planning of your big day. As an award winning wedding planner, here are my top tips as to where to start.

  • Sit down together and think about the type of wedding you would like and dream for a while, let your imagination go and write some things down.
  • Decide what time of year is best for you both, weather is usually the deciding factor here.
  • Where in the world? You might want to have a destination wedding or you may want to marry close to home. The world is your oyster but do think about who will be coming if you are asking them to travel along way.
  • That brings me promptly on to the guest list. Sit down seperately and both write your guest lists. Then look at them together. The names you have on both are on the list. You then have to filter through the others. Be kind to each other, you have so many more and let your partner have so many more.
  • Money, the budget. This is a biggie. If you have parents or relatives that have offered to contribute, then you need to have the money conversation with them. It can be tricky, but you need to know how much you are being given to spend on your wedding.
  • Budget, you then need to do a bit of research and put together a realistic budget of where to allocate your money. Include everything that you need for your day
  • Now its onto the venue/location search. This is the bit that takes ages. Even for a professional wedding planner like me, it can take quite a while to find the perfect place. Once you have it the rest is much easier, I promise.

So that’s how it all begins, obviously there is a lot of planning to do after this, but then it really gets fun. It will take you about 250 hours to plan though. If it seems daunting, then enlist the help of a professional planner, even if it is just to help you on the day. Contact us now for more details on how we can help.

Happy Planning.

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