Wedding Venue

As a luxury wedding planner in London, looking for the right Wedding venue for a client is the hardest part of the job, especially if you are looking in London, as it’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack! There are so many venues across the UK to choose from, so where do you start. Make a list of the following;

Area, style, numbers and budget. So lets look at these in turn…..


Do you want to get married in the area where you currently live, do you want to go back to where you or your partner grew up or do you fancy leaving the UK behind and marrying overseas – we’ll come to destination wedding planning another time.


This is the main one really. Are you looking for an historical building, do you want a manor house, an art gallery, a loft, a barn or a marquee wedding. Once you decide on this, the actual search will be much easier and to decide on this you need to have a good idea as to the feel of your wedding, not colours and flowers but do you want something very formal, or something very laid back. It would be no use having a hog roast in an art gallery! interesting concept but probably wouldn’t work. A hog roast in a barn or marquee though, perfect


No good choosing a small boutique style hotel if you are having 170 guests to sit down. get your guest list done early and really think about who you want to invite and this of course leads nicely onto budget


Be realistic, I always say to my clients you need to set this from the outset, don’t just wing it. Are you paying for all of it yourself or are family contributing. When you have a realistic budget to work with, then you can start eliminating certain places

Do you want a blank canvas?

What I mean by this is do you want somewhere we can bring in everything you want, for example catering, so you have exactly the food you want. Somewhere that doesn’t have restrictions on the time you start and finish. Marquees are perfect for creating a blank canvas wedding, clearly you will need somewhere to put it!

When you have found the right venue/location for your wedding in Hertfordshire, then everything else will fall into place. Once the all important venue is sourced the rest of the styling will almost take care of itself, I say almost, a great wedding planner can also help with that!


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