Planning a Wedding at Home

Planning a wedding at home can be very challenging, but also very fulfilling. There is a lot to think about when you are planning a wedding at home and these are mainly the logistics as to whether it will work for you.

We always say to our couples that give us a garden or a field and we can create some magic with it. I think when you are thinking about having a marquee wedding at your home, some professional help is worth every penny, even if it is just to manage the wedding day for you.


Look at where all of your suppliers will gain access to your garden or field. A marquee company will need to be able to drive a lorry as near as they can to where they are setting up the marquee. This also applies to nay of your other suppliers, including caterers.

The Ground

Look at the ground, the flatter and the more even the better, this will then allow you to have a hard floor and I would always recommend this. If the ground is uneven then you might have to have a floor that is built up, called a cassette floor and this can be costly


Think about where all of your guests cars will park, this includes vehicles belonging to any suppliers


Ideally you don’t want anyone in your house at all. You will however need to provide them with a green room. Somewhere to sit when they have a break, somewhere to eat and somewhere to leave their things. You may have to add on some space to your marquee if you don’t have a garden room or outbuilding they can use.

The Marquee

There are loads of styles of marquees and they all vary in cost. Have a good think about the style and feel of your wedding. Is it very relaxed, is it more country garden, is it going to be boho or are you going for a very glamorous look. Do lots of research, look at different companies and dare I say use Pinterest for ideas.

The extras

Don’t forget you will need power and toilets. Not forgetting tables and chairs. Speak to the experts about all of this and that is likely to be your marquee company, unless of course you have a wedding planner. There is a lot to think about, but it is all worth it.


The great thing about marquee weddings is that you can eat whatever you like. You are not beholden to a venue and their menu’s. Look around for a good outside caterer, get menu’s and costs. Make sure they come and see the site, so they can see how it will all work. This is very important.

Your Suppliers

Looking for you ‘A team’ is the most important thing. Again think about the type of wedding you want, the feel you want it to have when looking for all of your suppliers.


As you won’t legally be able to marry at home you will need to decide where you are going to get married. A church, registry office and then you could consider having a blessing outside in the garden.

There is plenty to think about and its likely to take more time than planning a wedding at a wedding venue, but so worth it.

Get in touch if you would like some help planning your wedding at home.


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