Planning a Wedding in the UK from Overseas

Planning a wedding in the UK from overseas can be difficult. Not only are you having to deal with things like different time zones, not knowing the location very well and not knowing what suppliers would be the best to work with on your wedding.

I really think this is where a wedding planner is worth his or her weight in gold. You can of course blindly google venues, places, suppliers and hope that when you book you get the best people for the job, or you can get professional help.

We work with many clients from around the world who come to the UK to get married. Often they have a connection to the UK in some way, but there are some couples that may have visited once or twice or who just like the idea of a beautiful English wedding.

I would always advise that you think about hiring a UK wedding planner if you are planning a wedding in the UK from overseas.  It will probably be the best money you will spend on your wedding.

So where is best to start with this. Do some research into planners that plan these type of weddings, i.e. they work with couples around the world and are used to planning by zoom and Skype as for the most part, as that is what you will be doing.

Make some enquiries and then arrange to speak with a few planners whose work you like the look of.  For me, the most important thing is to get a connection to my couples. We have to like each other, as for the next however long we will be working together planning the most important day of your life.

Once you receive their proposals, make a decision not just on what you see on paper or the cost, but to the planner that you can trust to plan the wedding you want.

Ideally you want to be able to travel to the UK at some point in the planning to meet with them and spend a few days meeting suppliers they have recommended, perhaps viewing venues together and working on the plans. If you can’t, then your wedding planner should be able to provide you with enough information as possible in order for you to be able to hire your suppliers and select your venue. After what has happened in the world recently, we are all getting good at having all of our meetings via Skype, FaceTime and Zoom.

With help, planning a UK wedding is not as daunting as it first seems and there are some amazing places to get married. get in touch if you want some help planning your UK wedding.

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