Where to start with your wedding planning part 1

Congratulations on your engagement

Congratulations on your engagement

Where to start with your wedding planning part 1. Christmas is the season when so many proposals take place and then of course in the new year, the planning starts. If you aren’t quite sure as to where to start with your wedding planning in Essex then here are my 5 top tips to get you going. I will post the next 5 tips next week

1. Set a budget

SO important you have a figure that you are happy to spend and if anyone is contributing to your wedding, you need to have that conversation with them as to how much

2. Prioritise that budget

Each of you write down the two most important things you would like at your wedding. For example, you might want to allocate a lot to your budget to flowers and he might want to have a live band

3. Guest List

Both of you write a separate guest list and then it will be easy to agree on the people you want to invite, as if they appear on both lists they are in! This way you are both very aware of who you really want to spend your day with you

4. The Venue

As a wedding planner in Hertfordshire, sourcing the venue is the hardest part of the planning process. Sit down and write a description of your ideal venue, think about numbers, do you need accommodation, do you like barns, what about a country house and then look for venues that fit. Don’t just randomly view venues, you are wasting time

5. Suppliers

Write a list of all of the suppliers you will need to make your day happen, photographer, videographer, florist, dress, music, catering etc..This will then make it easy when you start sourcing each supplier in a methodical way.

Where to start with your wedding planning part 1. This should give you a good starting point. If you would like some professional help planning your wedding in Kent then please drop me a line, we’ll grab a coffee or a tea and chat about your big day.