Should we hire a videographer ?

I get asked this question all of the time by my clients, should we have a video of our wedding as well ? This is a really personal thing and I would say for half of my weddings, my clients don’t. Firstly you need to look at your budget, as a good one is quite an outlay and there is no point in having a cheap videographer, in the same way you should never cut corners on your photos. They are the things that remain, long after the day is over.

Expect to pay anything from £1750 to £4500 for a really good videographer in London, if you have the budget go for it, but think carefully, whilst you will watch it when it’s first edited, how often will you watch it, not that often. Perhaps to speak to the videographer and just ask if you can have a short 7 minute highlight film as opposed to having 50 minutes to watch. You may find this option more cost effective if they will do it

One of the main reasons for me to have a video is that you have people speaking and laughing and there will come a time when some of those people in your video will no longer be with you. Sentimental I know but worth thinking about and that would be the reason that I would have a video

Again when looking for a good, speak with friends who have had one and make sure you meet with them as you would your photographer, in fact you might find that your photographer can recommend someone he or she has worked with before.