Snow. What impact can the weather have on your wedding?

On Saturday, I had my music hat on as the Essex wedding band that I manage, One Foot in the Groove headed up to Milton Hill House in Abingdon, Oxfordshire for the wedding of Colin and Emma. We knew that snow was on the way, but obviously that wasn’t going to stop us making the gig, and everyone did, and on time. The journey home wasn’t great but we all made it back safely, thank goodness.

What happens if it snows on your wedding day? Whilst its very romantic, it can cause problems. If you are planning a winter wedding book local suppliers. For example don’t book a photographer that lives 80 miles away. In the run up to the day when you know that snow is expected, make sure all of your guests have one contact number of a reliable guest, so that they can keep in touch should the weather hold them up. Ask your church or registra if they have any weddings scheduled after you, that way if things run a little late it won’t be a problem, they will be able to wait for any late arrivals before the ceremony starts.

If it does snow prior to the big day, just double check with suppliers that everything is OK. If you’ve booked professionals they will be well prepared for bad weather. Its worth having a back up music source, should your band or DJ have a problem getting to you. Get an ipod with plenty of music, make sure it also has your first dance. The problem with DJ’s/bands, is that they will often be arriving later in the day when the weather may have deteriated and the band could be arriving in a number of vehicles. I know of a band who couldn’t get to a wedding because the snow was so bad. The couple had no music at all on their wedding day.

You can’t of course cancel your wedding if the weather takes a turn for the worse but when planning a winter wedding there are a few things you can do to make it less stressful.  I always say to brides you can make the perfect wedding plans, but you can’t plan what the weather might do. Just be prepared for it.