Styling Your Wedding

Styling in your wedding, how do you do it? This for me as a London wedding planner is actually the hardest part of planning a couples wedding. I have no problem what so ever with spreadsheets and timelines and budgets and all the other documents I use planning a wedding, but the styling part I really have to give some time to.
Every wedding we plan is different, although I would say we have a look, a style. It appeals to some couples and not others and thats how it should be.
If you are planning your own wedding, then no doubt you will be thinking all about the pretty stuff and how your day will look.
Let me explain how we work on this part of the day, giving the wedding a cohesive look.

Pinterest Board

We set one up for all of our couples, as it gives us the chance to share ideas together. At first this board is very random, with loads of images on it, but as the planner evolves, it starts to take shape. The only thing I would say about Pinterest is that you have to manage your expectations with it, as some of the wonderful images, whilst amazing, can be very expensive!!


The florist is the lynchpin in the overall look of the wedding. We source who will think will be the right florist to deliver the look you want. They will be suggested to our couples based on style firstly and of course budget.


Once we have the florist in place then we look at the production, mainly the lighting as this adds not only tot he visual of the wedding, but also to the feel. When we are planning marquee weddings, the lighting is a huge consideration, both in the marquee and also outside. Again look for the right company to work on your wedding, that will fit with style and budget. Lighting can often be overlooked and it is such an important part of the wedding.


This covers everything from the linens to the on the day stationery. We start to prepare design boards for our couples with ideas on to help them. We show them different glasses, colours of linens, and textures. We look at cutlery, crockery and how the guest names will look.

Using images that we source we put all of this onto a proposal. This is to show our couples what they can do and allows them to visualise what their wedding will look like.

Hopefully this short guide as to how we work, will help you as you start your wedding planning journey.


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UK wedding planner

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Marquee wedding

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