Themed Parties

When you are planning your wedding or party do you think it should have a theme?? Lots of people don’t bother, the most theming they do is colourwise and that’s fine but sometimes is nice to have a theme, especially for a birthday party and this can often be done around the music. Last year I organised the music for a 40th birthday party and my client decided that they wanted a 70’s theme. They were all going to dress accordingly but whilst they wanted a 70’s showband in costume, they wanted a band who could play something else later in the evening as they were worried that 70’s all night would be too much.
This was quite a tough ask, as most 70’s bands are exactly that and they don’t play anything else. Many years ago, Essex party band, One Foot in the Groove used to be a 70’s disco band with a horn section but we just couldn’t get enough work to fill the diary so we merged the band with our other wedding band in Essex, Sweet Freedon named after the Michael McDonald song and just had One Foot in the Groove. With that in mind I knew they would be able to theme the first set in 70’s costume playing all those disco hits and then after a quick change into something more contemporary they would play everything from motown to indie. client was getting two bands for the price of one, not bad.
Music is always a great way to theme a party, whether it be Ratpack in black tie to a country band in a barn. There are loads of things you can do and after all a party isn’t a party without the music.