Top Tip – An easy way to save a lot of money.

You want the wedding of your dreams but the budget is tight. Fear not, get a wedding planner in Essex to help you put together a realistic budget and to advise you on where you can save money.

A good way to cut out a cost is don’t have an evening buffet, what no food for the evening guests? Not exactly,  sit down later to the wedding breakfast and then you won’t have to provide any further food. I’m not be mean, just read on.

I think having the meal in the evening is lovely especially when the days are slightly shorter than they are now. By aiming to sit down at say 6pm you will roughly finish the formalities by 8.30pm with dancing starting at 9pm, so there is no need to provide an evening buffet, which is often not eaten anyway.

What you do have to do is be quite strict with your guest list as the likely hood is there won’t be any evening guests, or if you really want to invite friends and family in the evening, invite them to join you for drinks to celebrate your marriage. If the invitation say’s from 9pm for drinks its quite clear that there won’t be any food.

The problem is with evening buffets at venues is they will expect you to order food for 80% of the total day guests plus up to £20 per head for any extra evening guests. This can soon add up, but thinking carefully about timings you can still have the day you dreamed of and keep to yout budget.

Happy planning