Why Hire a wedding Planner ?

Why Hire a wedding Planner ? Lets be very honest, having a wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but ask yourself, if you needed a bathroom fitted, you’d hire a plummer. If your car was broken you’d get a mechanic, if you were ill, you would go to a doctors. My point being that we hire professionals, when we need professional help. Hiring a wedding planner is no different. You are hiring a professional to help you and not just help you, but help you organise the most important day of your life, so why hire a wedding planner?

There are lots of reasons you should think about hiring one, here are a few:

  • To recommend the very best suppliers to you, to make your day wonderful, a planner knows and works with the best. There are thousands of photographers our there for instance, some of them are dreadful, some are awesome, which one would you rather hire to shoot your day?
  • To help you with all your contracts, to help you check the small print.
  • To help negotiate with fees and make sure you are getting good value for your money and it doesn’t matter whether you are spending £20K on your wedding or £200K.
  • To take away the stress and because you don’t have loads of time. It takes 250 hours to plan a wedding, yes 250 hours!!! That is an awful lot of weekends to give up.

So why hire a wedding planner? A planner can help you with all sorts of aspects of your wedding. Most of my couples hire me to help with all of the planning, but sometimes we do partial planning, where a couple have hired all the main suppliers, but now want someone else to help with the rest and take away the stress. Some couples just hire us to co ordinate their day. This is a really popular option, as it means you can relax in the final run up to your wedding and know a professional is going to make sure it all happens as planned and you can enjoy.

Whats the point of spending all that money on a day your are so stressed about. Is that really how you want your wedding to be? 

Like I said, hiring a wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but everyone needs a little guidance and help, even if it’s just for the day.

Get in touch now and see how we can help you?

Photos: Paul White, Jasmine Jade, Jez Dickson Ellie Gillard, James Davidson, Paul Rogers

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