Your Caribbean wedding

I had the pleasure of spending three days in the beautiful island of St Lucia. I know what you are thinking its a tough job. The St Lucian tourist board decided to lanch an annual wedding symposium.
Planners worldwide were invited to see the island to to see what a wonderful location for a wedding St Lucia is.
The interesting this for me as a wedding planner in Essex is that St Lucia offers couples a stunning location to marry and somewhere they can have a fabulous day at a fraction of the cost of a wedding here in the UK. The other interesting thing is that if you want your wedding in the Caribbean, you don’t have to have a tour operator wedding or what the Yanks call a ‘cookie cutter wedding’
As you know, if you read my blog or website I hate package weddings. Brides aren’t packages and so should have the option of planning their day how they want it. Why shouldn’t it be the same in the Caribbean. Well it can and very soon Louise Perry Weddings will be offering bespoke wedding planning the Caribbean but specialising in St Lucia and we won’t be offering packages.
I took millions of photos so plenty of blogs on the way but here are just a handful of shots of the gorgeous island. Personally I can’t wait to go back.

Beach wedding  
Wedding on Pigeon Island    
The Piton Mountains  
Ladera Resort  


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