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How do I choose my Wedding Planner?

How do I choose my wedding planner? Now that is a really good question and where do you start? Choosing a wedding planner, is like hiring a friend, a confident,

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Wedding planning consultancy services

Our wedding planning consultancy service is the perfect option for the couple who want to plan their own wedding, but would like to have some support along the

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Why Hire a wedding planner

Why hire a wedding planner? well why would you not want to work with a professional who knows the best suppliers, the most gorgeous venues and has all the exper

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Marquee Wedding

I love a marquee wedding. As far as I am concerned they really are the best. You can create magic from absolutely nothing with a marquee wedding and even better

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TWIA Wedding Planner of the Year. Worlds 100 Best wedding Planners

TWIA Wedding Planner of the Year. Worlds 100 Best wedding Planners. Awards are lovely to receive, but lets be honest they don’t mean anything, they don

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Why Hire a wedding Planner ?

Why Hire a wedding Planner ? Lets be very honest, having a wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but ask yourself, if you needed a bathroom fitted, you̵

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Winter Weddings

I love a winter wedding. You have no expecactations for the weather, it’s winter, so a bright day is a bonus. You can really create magic with the design

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Award Winning London Wedding Planner

We are officially award winning wedding planner London. We were thrilled last week to be awarded the best independent wedding planner in the East of England at

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St Moritz Wedding

Louise Perry Weddings the year so far

Louise Perry Weddings the year so far. We have had a pretty spectacular start to 2017 and I can’t believe we are over half way through it. Our wedding sea

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The Louise Perry Wedding Team

Last month Natalie and I had our pictures taken for our social media, for a special wedding project we are working on together and of course, so that the world

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